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New Feet Arch Supports Won Her Over

by Debbie Neumayer

Vicki Chilicki recalls the Christmas five years ago that her husband, Michael, surprised her with a gift certificate for New Feet Store orthotics. Michael initially found out about the New Feet orthotics through a referral. He and Vicki are both avid golfers and he knew that arch support was important. However, when they entered the New Feet Store for the first time, Vicki walked right back out. “That’s too much money and I don’t want them,” she told him. Vicki admits that, at that time, she was “under protest.” She thought it could be a scam because of the cost.

Michael decided that he would use the gift certificate, instead. However, Vicki’s curiosity overcame her skepticism and she reconsidered when she saw Michael being fitted with the arch supports. When he asked if she’d like to try the “Relaxer,” she decided it wouldn’t hurt. She noticed immediately that her feet felt better. Vicki became sold on the orthotics and purchased a pair of Lifestyles arch supports the same day.

Vicki says that it took about three weeks for her feet to adjust to the devices. She emphasizes that a proper stance and balanced posture are very important to a good golf game. She and Michael both noticed better contact with the ball after they started wearing the New Feet arch supports. Michael has had significant hip problems for years and noticed that they eased when he began wearing the New Feet orthotics.

In contrast to her initial opinion years ago, now Vicki declares emphatically, “I believe in New Feet orthotics with all my heart!” She and Michael are loyal and devoted fans who regularly refer friends and family members to the New Feet Store products.

The lifetime guarantee that covers the orthotics is another benefit they are really sold on. If the arch supports break or crack or your feet change, the New Feet Store will replace them free of charge. The initial outlay might cost more than a less expensive department store brand, but the cheaper versions don’t support your feet as well and eventually wear out. So then you have to keep spending money to replace them.

Vicki and Michael diligently wear the various types of New Feet arch supports in all their shoes. In fact, they have even bought extras to keep on hand. Vicki says, “When you realize their value, then you want more!”

“New Feet orthotics give our feet the support they need to keep us in balance. And this is important, especially as we get older. We’re trying to maintain our health, and especially with being golfers we need to keep our legs, hips and feet in shape. I guess I have a fear of what would happen to us if we didn’t wear the New Feet arch supports,” Vicki admits. “Because of this, we never go without them!”

Posted by: Debbie on June 23, 2010 @ 1:32 pm
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