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New Feet Orthotics Saved Her Failing Feet

By Debbie Neumayer

Cherie Guzman almost went under the knife to save her feet. Born with a “bad left foot” she says she inherited from her mom who also had the same problem, Cherie could barely walk by the time she came across the New Feet Store. She grew up in North Dakota and walked everywhere without proper shoes. By the time she was an adult, her arches had fallen and Cherie was limping around, trying to find relief. She spent hundreds of dollars on prescription orthotics that didn’t fit and were uncomfortable. She spent additional money on unattractive custom shoes that she dubbed “grandma shoes” only because she thought they would help. Since she enjoyed wearing pretty shoes, this was especially difficult to endure. In the summer of 2009, while taking her granddaughter sightseeing in Las Vegas, the navicular bone in her ankle dropped. The pain was so excruciating that she rushed to her physician. He told her that her ligaments were shot. The doctor said, “You need surgery to put titanium in your foot and you will need a brace for the rest of your life.”

Cherie is a professional massage therapist and couldn’t afford to take precious time away from work to recuperate from surgery. She also couldn’t accept the lifelong sentence of a brace, so she started looking at other alternatives. Cherie reports that during this time her foot hurt so badly that “it felt like I was walking on tacks.”  Her left foot pronated (turned in) and caused her constant pain. During this downhill plunge in her foot health, she also regretted that she couldn’t engage in one of her favorite recreational activities, dancing.

To compound her struggles, her mom (to whom she’d been very close) passed away that fall, on Labor Day of 2009. Her mother had suffered all her life with a bad leg, a bad foot, and scoliosis of the spine. Finally a doctor had put her in a brace and Cherie said it was like “resetting a tree that had been crooked for years.” The brace propped her up but her frail body couldn’t stand the pressure and she collapsed, turning her into an invalid. “It was really hard on her,” Cherie says. “She had wanted to live until she was 100 years old, but after that she lost her will to live and died at the age of 94. Everything was sharp about her except her physical condition.”

During her quest to find relief, Cherie decided to stop into a store that she had passed by every day for years. “Something told me to drop in,” she said. The name of the store was New Feet and there she met Jacki, whom she credits with saving her feet from surgery. Jacki explained how the orthotics worked, but Cherie didn’t need a lot of convincing. From her studies about posture and an earlier brief introduction to the concept of by a competitor, Cherie knew that she had found the answer she had been seeking. She tried on the competitor’s arch supports but after Jacki fitted her she realized that the New Feet material was far superior. It held her foot up better, where the competitor product was softer.  With her training in her professional field, Cherie learned that the feet have actually three arch areas that need support but that most orthotics only concentrate on one of them. The New Feet orthotics supported all crucial points on the feet.

The New Feet orthotics represent the ‘perfect feet’ and your feet will mold to fit them,” Cherie explains. “Just as your teeth will adjust to fit a brace, our whole body is easily molded.” She regrets that she didn’t learn about the New Feet orthotics much sooner. She says that “although my mother’s feet and back problems originated in the 1950s, had there been a New Feet store at that time, I think her health would have had a different outcome and she would have reached her goal to live to the age of 100.”

In October of 2009, Cherie saw the doctor who advised surgery and a brace. She bought her New Feet orthotics in November, and by February her left foot stopped hurting. The New Feet arch supports actually pushed her navicular bone back into place! Today Cherie walks without pain. She is a living advertisement to the efficacy of the New Feet orthotics and tells her clients and others about them at every chance.  Oh, and we must not forget to mention that she recently purchased some “sexy salsa” New Feet shoes and is back to dancing!

Posted by: Debbie on June 24, 2010 @ 10:26 pm
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