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New Feet Orthotics: Teaming Up for a Great Golf Game

by Debbie Neumayer

Patty and Gary Gee are experienced golfers. They know that a good game depends upon a sharp eye, a balanced swing and steady stance. And they need the very best support for their feet. Patty says that for years, her feet and toes would burn in her golf shoes and she couldn’t understand why.  She would have to remove her shoes often to give her feet relief. She also had tried various remedies but the problem still persisted.

One day, she heard a radio advertisement for the New Feet shoes and orthotics and thought she would check them out. When Patty and Gary first entered the New Feet Store, they saw two ladies being fitted. The women were wearing inexpensive shoes that didn’t look like they would be good for their feet. Patty remembers remarking about it to her husband. She now realizes that if you have good orthotics, it makes all the difference to your feet–even if you are just wearing ordinary department store shoes.

Fast forward to today. Patty and Gary have both been wearing New Feet orthotics now for nearly six years. They didn’t know until they tried New Feet arch supports that they could make such a positive difference in their balance and foot health. Patty says, “It’s amazing. You start off stepping on a piece of paper for an impression of your feet and end up with plastic inserts that can change your life.”

Patty is enthusiastic about her experience. “We love the New Feet arch supports and wouldn’t go without them. We are especially sold on the lifetime guarantee. No matter whether the orthotics crack or break or even if your feet just change and you need a new fitting, New Feet will give you another pair. They will even replace them for half-price if you lose them. Their guarantee is really fantastic.”

She explains that they have referred numerous people to the New Feet Store, and no one has had to replace their orthotics. However, Patty says that her arches keep changing and Jacki is always there to fit her again with another pair. “It’s the greatest thing. If your arches change, Jacki will fit you again. Jacki is a professional fitter and she won’t let you go leave the store unless she’s done a perfect job for you.” Patty and Gary have observed that the word spreads fast about Jacki’s expertise. They were impressed that, when they entered the New Feet Store for the first time, there was a constant stream of people. However, no one was left alone. “Jacki has excellent customer service skills and makes everyone feel right at home, even if they have to wait for earlier arrivals to finish their fittings.”

Patty and Gary wear the various types of New Feet orthotics in all their shoes—whether they are golfing or in between games. They’ve learned that when it comes to arch supports, New Feet gives them their very best shot.

Posted by: Debbie on June 23, 2010 @ 1:32 pm
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