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Foot pain relief for golfer | George’s testimonial

George in Anaheim, CA wrote:

“My feet do not hurt when I walk with my inserts. They are wonderful!”

– Occupation/Sport: retired engineer, golf
– New Feet Store customer since 2003

Posted On: July 20, 2013

Great arch support for construction worker and golfer | Ramon’s testimonial

Ramon in Hacienda Heights, CA wrote:

“I have been wearing New Feet arch supports for over 12 years. They are the best I have ever worn. I would highly recommend them.”

- Occupation/Sport: Construction, golf
- New Feet Store customer since 2000

Posted On: June 16, 2012

Golfer improves balance and comfort with better arch support | Andrew’s testimonial

Andrew in Norco, CA wrote:

“These orthotics really helped me with my balance, lifting, and shin splints. Playing rounds of golf, even full days at the range, the balance of my core and back are extremely sturdy with them in. Same when I do heavy lifting at work. They give my feet support and make them feel very comfortable every day they’re in my shoes.”

– Occupation/Sport: diesel mechanic
– New Feet Store customer since 2004

Posted On: April 5, 2012

Plantar fasciitis relief for golfer | Jim’s testimonial

Jim in Huntington Beach, CA wrote:

“I play a lot of golf and in 2004 my arches started to bother me (plantar fasciitis).  The New Feet orthotics were the only thing that worked and kept me golfing without pain.  I now have them in all my shoes.”

- Occupation/Sport: retired firefighter, golf
- New Feet Store customer since 2000

Posted On: February 14, 2011

Golfing without foot and leg pain | James’ testimonial

James in Cypress, CA wrote:

“While playing golf and doing a considerable amount of walking my feet and lower legs were in a lot of pain. After installing the New Feet arch supports I am free of pain. Thank you New Feet Store.”

– Occupation/Sport: retired, golf
– New Feet Store customer since 2005

Posted On: September 29, 2010

Foot comfort for golfer | Stan’s testimonial

Stan in San Pedro, CA wrote:

“Great for golf and casual wear.”

– Occupation/Sport: retired, golf
– New Feet Store customer since 2003

Posted On: June 26, 2010

New Feet Arch Supports Won Her Over

by Debbie Neumayer

Vicki Chilicki recalls the Christmas five years ago that her husband, Michael, surprised her with a gift certificate for New Feet Store orthotics. Michael initially found out about the New Feet orthotics through a referral. He and Vicki are both avid golfers and he knew that arch support was important. However, when they entered the New Feet Store for the first time, Vicki walked right back out. “That’s too much money and I don’t want them,” she told him. Vicki admits that, at that time, she was “under protest.” She thought it could be a scam because of the cost.

Michael decided that he would use the gift certificate, instead. However, Vicki’s curiosity overcame her skepticism and she reconsidered when she saw Michael being fitted with the arch supports. When he asked if she’d like to try the “Relaxer,” she decided it wouldn’t hurt. She noticed immediately that her feet felt better. Vicki became sold on the orthotics and purchased a pair of Lifestyles arch supports the same day.

Vicki says that it took about three weeks for her feet to adjust to the devices. She emphasizes that a proper stance and balanced posture are very important to a good golf game. She and Michael both noticed better contact with the ball after they started wearing the New Feet arch supports. Michael has had significant hip problems for years and noticed that they eased when he began wearing the New Feet orthotics.

In contrast to her initial opinion years ago,…

Posted On: June 23, 2010

New Feet Orthotics: Teaming Up for a Great Golf Game

by Debbie Neumayer

Patty and Gary Gee are experienced golfers. They know that a good game depends upon a sharp eye, a balanced swing and steady stance. And they need the very best support for their feet. Patty says that for years, her feet and toes would burn in her golf shoes and she couldn’t understand why.  She would have to remove her shoes often to give her feet relief. She also had tried various remedies but the problem still persisted.

One day, she heard a radio advertisement for the New Feet shoes and orthotics and thought she would check them out. When Patty and Gary first entered the New Feet Store, they saw two ladies being fitted. The women were wearing inexpensive shoes that didn’t look like they would be good for their feet. Patty remembers remarking about it to her husband. She now realizes that if you have good orthotics, it makes all the difference to your feet–even if you are just wearing ordinary department store shoes.

Fast forward to today. Patty and Gary have both been wearing New Feet orthotics now for nearly six years. They didn’t know until they tried New Feet arch supports that they could make such a positive difference in their balance and foot health. Patty says, “It’s amazing. You start off stepping on a piece of paper for an impression of your feet and end up with plastic inserts that can change your life.”

Patty is enthusiastic about her experience. “We love the New Feet…

Posted On: June 23, 2010

Arch support keeps golfer on his feet | John’s testimonial

John in Long Beach, CA wrote:

“I would never play a round of golf without the inserts. They have extended my golf life.”

– Occupation/Sport: sales, golf
– New Feet Store customer since 2003

Posted On: April 7, 2010

Hip pain relief and confidence for golfer | Charles’ testimonial

Charles in Huntington Beach, CA wrote:

“Without them I have severe hip problems. Gives me confidence in walking. Great support from provider.”

– Occupation/Sport: golf
– New Feet Store customer since 2009

Posted On: February 13, 2010

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