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The New Feet Store has helped thousands of people of all ages find natural relief from foot pain and enjoy improved stamina and performance while walking, running, golfing, playing sports, and simply standing on their feet again.

Many of our customers have shared compelling testimonials about how enhanced comfort, support and balance from using our products have transformed their lives for the better. About 40 percent of our sales are from repeat customers and referrals. They feel the difference and the proof is in their loyalty!

Read what others are saying about the New Feet Store solution. Come to our store and read the complete testimonials. Our customers’ feedback about their experience with New Feet Store arch supports is invaluable!

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Watch Bill Handel's Testimonial
Watch Bill Handel's video testimonial

Listen to why Los Angeles radio personality Bill Handel of KFI-AM
640 has been a satisfied New Feet Store customer since 2002.

I had planters and calcium spur. I love to surf and run, I was in a lot of pain. Now, all is good.
John in Long Beach, Power Plant Operator, customer since May 2009
New Feet arch supports always make a new pair of shoes perfect. Walk each morning minimum four miles and 6-10 weekends – couldn’t feel as comfortable without the support of New Feet.
Linda in Huntington Beach, Homemaker, customer since September 2005
My feet don’t get tired anymore after long hikes, working 12 & 16 hour shifts. More energy now that I wear them. Love them, I wouldn’t be without them.
Pam in Huntington Beach, Nurse, customer since June 2009
Fearful of getting out of bed in the morning, I limped into the New Feet Store. The very knowledgeable and professional staff fit me for orthotics…I walked comfortable out and have been pain free since.
Chester in Long Beach, Dentist, customer since Jan 2005
Prior to purchasing the New Feet arch supports I was unable to walk or stand for any length of time due to Mortons Neuroma. Since then I use my supports… with little to no pain in the affected area. Thank you.
Michael in Huntington Beach, Construction Worker, customer since March 2010
I have worn the arch supports for seven years. When I don’t wear them my back hurts, when I do wear them I am able to walk without pain. I have been walking in 5K’s….and am able to walk without pain.
Janet in Long Beach, Retired, customer since August 2003
Totally helped restore, back pain walking long distances no problem. Improves sport performance.
Eric in Huntington Beach, Racquetball Player, Customer since November 2004
New Feet arch supports have given me major relief. I originally purchased the Sampson after having bursitis in my hip. After a lower back injury…. I could not wear athletic shoes… I now wear tennis shoes all the time.
Tim in Long Beach, Manager, customer since January 2006
Cured my plantar fasciitis.
Andre in Aliso Viejo, Hiker, customer since August 2008
I used to have a huge problem with sore feet and back pain. After getting the arch supports from the New Feet Store, I no longer have a problem with walking or standing for long periods. I can’t recommend them highly enough!
Phil in Fullerton, Coroner, customer since October 2005
My plantar fasciitis was unbearably painful – New Feet helped me to walk, without pain, again. I highly recommend wearing orthotics.
Barbara in Lake Forest, Telemarketer, customer since December 2004
After finishing my wife and I’s dance lesson – I woke up with plantar fasciitis, with horrible pain – went to a foot doctor & lots of pills but no relief. When I came to New Feet, they…solved my pain instantly. Now 5 years + later, I can dance with no pain.
Sheldon, Newhall, Food Manufacturer Worker, customer since January 2004
I have spent hundreds of dollars on prescription orthotics, and none of them have given me anything near the comfort of the product from the New Feet Store – I ALWAYS wear them!!!
James in Lakewood, Licensed Vocational Nurse, customer since July 2009
Your product helped me with my arch pain. In addition, your inserts help correct my posture and the way I walk.
David in Whittier, Law Enforcement, customer since December 2007
Makes walking and wearing dress shoes such fun.
Mary in Anaheim, customer since August 2004
My New Feet arch supports has helped me stand all day in my boots without any back pain or tired feet. I enjoy them so much, I came back for a second pair! Thanks New Feet!
Anna in Bellflower, Military, customer since April 2010
Before my arch supports I was dying of feet pain. When I woke up in the mornings I could barely walk…I found the New Feet Store by chance on the radio. I came in, got measured, and have loved them ever since.
Angel in West Covina, Computer Tech, customer since August 2005
My feet hurt before getting arch supports. New Feet has taken the pain away. I have used these arch supports for over six years. I am very happy. Thanks.
Russ in San Dimas, Office Worker, customer since November 2003
Customer since 2001. Had heel pain very bad. New Feet helped 100%, fixed my problem. Thanks New Feet.
Marty, customer since June 2001
As a geologist I am in the field a lot and standing or moving all day. The New Feet arch supports help reduce back strain by supporting my arches in my work boots... I also use them on the weekends for sport activities.
Raymond in Redondo Beach, Geologist, customer since October 2003
I wear my inserts all the time. When I have the inserts in my shoes, I am without any pain in my feet. I have inserts for my casual/dressy shoes and inserts for my running shoes. I would not want to go without them.
Lynn in Simi Valley, customer since November 2003
No longer in pain from plantar facitis. I can now wear my dress shoes with heels. My posture is better.
Hilarie in Seal Beach, Bookkeeper, customer since September 2008
I couldn’t walk. I was in pain, my left foot went flat and was pronated. I tried “New Feet”, cause nothing else worked... after four months I can walk with no pain…I feel I have “New Feet”. I love you “New Feet”.
Cherie in Westminster, Massage Therapist, customer since November 2009
Feet hurt from lots of standing and yard work. Relaxers very comfortable almost immediately. Arch support was comfortable after a few days.
David in Las Vegas, Consultant, customer since March 2010
My feet feel pretty good all the time when I wear my arches and cushions. If the cushions are worn out, I know when I should get new ones.
Ryan in Huntington Beach, Grocery Clerk, customer since November 2004
I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day, and most work boots do not provide much support. Halfway through the day my feet were already hurting. With New Feet there is no pain. It’s gone.
Martin in Seal Beach, Stationary Engineer, customer since July 2008
I’ve had my orthotics for 5 years. Saved my feet from standing at work all day. Back pain and tight hamstrings are gone! My body tells me when I’ve not worn them for a few days.
Richard in West Covina, Construction Supervisor, customer since July 2005
My feet hurt all of the time. I wore my New Feet orthotics for less than one week and my feet stopped hurting. I would recommend the New Feet Store to anyone!
Ed in Sedona, Arizona, customer since March 2004
I have owned my New Feet inserts for five years. They have made an incredible difference. My feet no longer hurt, I have used even while working retail, working out at the gym…I highly recommend this product to everyone.
Mark in Huntington Beach, Sales, customer since February 2005
I would never play a round of golf without the inserts. They have extended my golf life.
John in Long Beach, Sales, customer since October 2003
No more back pain. Better Posture – alignment - strength
John in Lake Arrowhead, Real Estate Broker, customer since September 2008
Feet hurt a whole bunch. I put Sampson in work boots and in dress shoes. My feet do not hurt anymore. Hooray for “New Feet”.
Lenny in Huntington Beach, Truck driver, customer since November 2005
I have a left foot that is pronated inward. My foot is flat and hurt a lot and was getting worse…came in to New Feet and got orthotics in November of 2009. My foot has improved. I’m not in constant pain. I love “New Feet”. Thank you.
Cherie in Westminster/Huntington Beach, Massage therapist, November 2009
I first wore them just for support and they were great. Now I have a ruptured Achilles tendon and they will give me real support as I heal. I recommend New Feet.
Craig in Glendale, Film producer
This helped both my knees and my foot. Now I can run and enjoy my children and friends. Thank you for a great product.
Michael in Long Beach, P.E. teacher
I had horrible foot pain all day every day. They hurt and kept me from my hobbies…I have no foot pain anymore!! The New Feet Store helped me, my brother, and my father-in-law... I recommend the New Feet Store to anyone with Foot Pain!!
Charles in Granada Hills, Project Manager, customer since October 2009
No more pain! It took a couple of weeks to get used to but no more pain! Thank you.
Tony in Seal Beach, Construction Supervision
For years I experienced pain after being on my feet for several hours. After wearing these orthotics for two weeks the pain went away completely.
Eric in Long Beach, Structural Mechanic, customer since August 2004
I have heel spurs and was told to try those inserts. I feel more balanced and it has taken the pressure and pain out of my heel. I would tell anyone that if your feet hurt you should buy these shoe inserts.
Debbie in Torrance, customer since March 2009
In all the years I have been in pain, nothing works more than my New Feet Orthotics. I no longer walk without them. I’ve now purchased them for all my kids. I walk longer, and more relaxed.
Victor in Torrance, Clerk, customer since March 1999
My feet were so sore after a day at an amusement park. Running the mile at school would cause pain. Now I can go further and longer without pain.
Christina in Torrance, Student, customer since April 2006
Before New Feet, I had great pain in walking in even my cushiest tennis shoes... I was stuffing paper towels in my shoes with drug store inserts – it was a nightmare! Once I got New Feet orthotics... I’ve been able to be on my feet... all day long! I have my life back.
Jackie in Cerritos, University Math Instructor, customer since July 2009
Without them I have severe hip problems. Gives me confidence in walking. Great support from provider.
Charles in Huntington Beach, Golfer, customer since October 2009
I can now run 1/2 marathons without pain.
John in Costa Mesa, Sales, customer since August 2005
Had horrible pain in back and hips. Started wearing Sampsons and pain subsided about 90% after a few weeks – I wear them every day.
Marilynn in Hermosa Beach, Manufacturer Worker, customer since December 2005
When I came to New Feet, I had seen a podiatrist and had spent $150 on tennis shoes….when I bought the New Feet inserts…my pain was gone. I now walk over 3 ½ miles a day…and have no problem.
Jane in Laguna Niguel, Piano Teacher, customer since November 2007
Helped with balance and foot comfort. Standing for long periods is much improved. Helps in any quality shoes to equalize comfort.
Dennis in Laguna Niguel, Walk/Exercise, customer since June 2003
They have given my feet the much needed support I desired. My body overall feels a lot better. I don’t have any of the aches are pains I used to.
Erik in Tustin, Baseball Player, customer since November 2009
The only ARCH Supports that fit my feet CORRECTLY! Keep my feet feeling good.
Ruth in Seal Beach, Boeing Shop Floor Worker, customer since May 2006
I’ve been wearing my Samson & Dress supports for 18 months now, and my history of foot and leg problems is just that… history! Literally within days of wearing them, my formerly aching shins and soles felt better. Thanks folks!
Savinay in Long Beach
At the end of my work day my feet would be tired and my back would ache. After I started wearing the (New Feet) orthotics my back started feeling better instantly. Now I feel weird when I’m not wearing them.
Matthew in Long Beach, Tradeshow Builder, customer since February 2007
My toes were starting to curl down and cause my metatarsals to not be protected…the (New Feet) inserts support my arch allowing my toes to relax…now I can walk without getting sore!
Stephanie in Long Beach, customer since August 2009
Daily walking and walking on the course is less tiresome.
John in Long Beach, Engineer, customer since August 2009
Before supports – burning feet. After supports – much better. Eliminated foot pain.
Jeff in Irvine, Racquetball Player, customer since December 1998
The orthotics have helped me with my back pain.
Pat in Valencia, customer since Feb 2000
Before wearing the New Feet Arch supports my feet always hurt. Since 2003 my feet feel so much better and always wear them.
Cristina in Norwalk, Retired, customer since June 2003
Since I have had the original “Alzners” arch supports, my arch has improved. My feet feel a lot better. I have been a customer since 1998 and will remain a devoted customer.
Michael in Ontario, Engineer, customer since July 1998
For several years my feet and back have bothered me – aching and burning. After only one month, I have not only “new feet” but a new back. Great products! Spending all day on my new feet is now more pleasurable. Thanks, New Feet!
Karen in Rancho Palos Verdes
Thanks to New Feet Store... my heel spur is so much better, and I don’t have to go for yet another cortisone shot!
Becky in Glendora
...had no problems with my feet... found a big difference in my balancing, absolutely helped my golf game.
Guy in Hancock Park
It was getting to where walking any distance was uncomfortable and I was having to reduce my activity level significantly. With the purchase of my New Feet Arch Supports, I am walking longer distances without any pain. It is really amazing that such a small thing can change your life so greatly!
Susan in Long Beach, Retiree, customer since January 2005
This is an amazing product. After ankle surgery, I started to walk differently. It put a lot of strain and pressure on the ball of my foot. After using your inserts, all pain went away. I would have paid five times the amount for the inserts.
Scott in Brea, Refinery Worker, customer since August 1998
Before I purchased my arch supports, the pain in my feet from my flat arches was traveling up my ankles and into my legs. However, since my purchase, I’ve been pain-free. Thank you, New Feet, for giving me my life back.
Tom in Orange, Technical Support, customer since May 2005
Had plantar fasciitis and could not walk. I heard about New Feet on the radio. I came in and bought some supports and it changed my life. It works and I feel great!
Jack in Orange, Sales, customer since February 2006
With my New Feet inserts, I have no foot or knee pain and I can walk barefoot when I please. I have used New Feet for four years and my feet feel great.
Tracy in Hawaiian Gardens, Power Plant Operator, customer since November 2004
My job requires me to be on my feet six to eight hours a day… My New Feet arch supports enable me to sustain these hours with minimal fatigue... I would not hesitate to recommend your products!
Toni in Long Beach, Hairstylist
I have used your product for the past seven years… I have tried other products with no success. It simply works!
Don in Corona, Retiree
I had constant foot pain that kept me from enjoying my morning walk. After using the New Feet arch supports, I could walk three miles every morning at the beach and I have no more foot pain.
Ronel in Huntington Beach, customer since January 2006
Since wearing New Feet, my right knee and hip no longer cause me to limp. I can’t believe the difference.
Connie in Fullerton, Chief Finance Officer, customer since December 2004
My right hip was causing me pain and I was thinking I might have to retire. New Feet has definitely helped me.
Winston in Fullerton, Maintenance Worker, customer since December 2004
Bought first pair one week before hiking Mt. Whitney. After a month of training in pain, the inserts were a huge relief.
Wayne in La Verne, Self-Employed, customer since July 2005
I have been wearing the arch supports for over five years and have found them to be very helpful in relieving foot pain.
Beverly in Banning, Retiree, customer since March 2002
I came into New Feet with plantar fasciitis ten years ago. I wouldn’t go anywhere without my lifts!
Noreen in Tustin, Engineer, customer since March 2000
I tried all kinds of over-the-counter inserts and nothing helped the pain in my heel and arch... I would recommend New Feet arch supports to anyone suffering heel and arch pain. Give it a try.
Ken in Fallbrook, Business Owner, customer since June 2005
With flat feet I was crippled in pain from stress in the feet. Five years later I have not had any pain at all. I recommend New Feet to anyone. Accept no substitutes!
Jerry in Winnetka, Electronic Engineer
This has been the best feeling I have ever had. I feel like I am a new person on my feet. I can really walk again.
James in Riverside, Store Manager, customer since May 2005
I suffered for years and years with painful feet. After my New Feet supports I have had virtually no pain at all. A miracle!
James in Anaheim, Pastor, customer since July 2004
I have been wearing these orthotics for more than six years. Before purchasing them, I was unable to put my full weight on my heels due heel spurs, tendonitis and arthritis in both feet. Now I have no trouble working as a cashier forty hours per week.
Vicki in Santa Ana, Cashier, customer since 2002
My feet used to kill me. It was painful to just stand up, let alone walk. After a visit to The New Feet Store, my feet were like new.
Malko in Redlands, Senior Maintenance Worker, customer since October 2004
Excellent experience since wearing the arch supports. It has aligned my lower back and I have no lower back and neck pain. I would highly recommend the New Feet arch supports.
Jim in Long Beach
My feet have never been more comfortable. It feels like I have a new spring in my step. I feel like I walk with more power.
Charles in San Clemente, Dentist, customer since April 2004
I have tried all aspects of support for my feet. I was told about New Feet and tried them three years ago. I totally would recommend getting them if you have any kind of foot or back problems.
Shelley in Glendora, Home Health Care Worker
After I developed plantar fasciitis, I was in so much pain I thought I would never be able to hike and climb again. Someone told me about The New Feet Store so I went down and purchased their arch supports. Within a month or two, the pain was completely gone and I was able to resume my normal sporting activities.
Phil in Ventura, Carpenter, customer since September 2004
I originally came in to get fitted before a three-day breast cancer walk. I sailed through the walk with ease and have been walking with the inserts ever since. My foot problems and back problems have disappeared.
Deanna in San Pedro, customer since July 1999
After wearing “over the counter” orthotics, I finally gave the New Feet Store a try. Being up and walking most of my work day, I had been having lots of foot trouble. Now with the insoles from New Feet, my life has changed and I’m not running to the store to buy new insoles every month.
Don in Seal Beach, Disneyland Cast Member, customer since July 2008
I love my New Feet supports. I could not live without them! Jackie at the Seal Beach store has been extremely helpful and informative in all respects. I have tried other supports – but nothing else has worked. My doctor recommended your store to me – thankfully – I have been wearing them for 6 years!
Joan in Long Beach
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